About Norgeus


We are Norgeus, and we pride ourselves with the dedication we have to your project.
Your project is as important to us as it is to you. This is what makes us the “A-list” when it comes to your photography and videography needs. You could waste time and money going to other companies or you can work with us and find out why we are the best.
We are also pride with our team of highly qualified staff that include professional photographers, film makers, engineers and programmers.
These are the kind of skills that allows us to adapt our camera systems in order to suit our clients needs and requirements.


We offer from PHOTOGRAPHY services, to VIDEO and TIME-LAPSE. All of them finalized with the Post Production touch.
Applications in all domains and with lots of plans: Aerial, Interior, Exterior, Constructions, Real Estate, Surveying, Farms, Media, Inspections, Commercial, Events.
The photography perspectives can be: low (an aerial image that includes the horizon in the frame and the camera is at a shallow angle), high (an aerial image that doesn’t include the horizon in the frame and the camera is at a sharper angle), vertical (an aerial image that is taken directly above the target, the view is a direct top-down perspective).


We offer high quality photos and videos recorded by a professional photo camera with interchangeable lenses, a video camera that uses an electromagnetic field lens for a smooth recording, capable of filming in HD, Full HD or UHD format/ quality.
The software we use is state-of-the-art and all of our employees who control editing are able to professionally and proficiently navigate the intricacies of the software. There are constantly new software updates and revisions. We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with all of these changes which ensure that the most modern techniques are being used to edit your video.

Our Work
A selection of our best works. Worldwide coverage.