Tell us your requirments and we will put together a detailed plan which takes in the whole project. Our availability will be 24h/7 throughout the project while it is in progress. With your help we will find the best spot for a clear field view of the site. We will provide you the best site monitoring services!
Installation and Setup
We will bring our monitoring system to the site and coordinate with the project management to install it. You will gain access to the web application interface and image archive. The time-lapse images are transferred here, from the system setup, over 3G/4G using the most reliable cellular network.
Control and Remote Support
We are always connected to our camera systems and any problem is quickly seen and dealt with. We can remotely connect, setup and upgrade the system to monitor your project. Our time-lapse and monitoring systems are using the latest 4K technology. You will also logon to our customized web application and access the live view, images, weather, time-lapse videos.
Release Dates and TIMELAPSE
We offer the highest level of flexibility during the editing process of your movie. The video production is provided to display the monthly progress of your project. We are providing the best quality, Ultra High Definition 4K. We will edit the footage to your specification! The finished video is delivered to you digitally, along with the embedding code if you want to include on your website.
Worldwide Monitoring
Photo and video monitoring all over the world. Norgeus it's a worldwide monitoring company.
Photo Monitoring... part of our services and we offer you the posibility to access all your project photos in real time whenever you want, using our web portal.
All the photos contain a time and date stamp in order to help you know the exact moment the photo was taken.
The website is easy to navigate and contains a full archive of your whole project.
Web Photo Monitoring - A simple way to keep track of your project.
Time-Lapse... that help create a video with the illusion of time passing quickly. You can see a whole construction project that lasted a few years, in only few minutes.
- Short Term (2 days-3 months)
- Long Term (more than 3 months)
- Managed Shoot (for short projects time-lapsed over a few hours or days then this could be the best option)
Resolutions: HD, full HD and UHD(4K)
We use the latest DSRL cameras, that permits us to record every project in HD, full HD or UHD-4K resolution. The cameras also have an unique computer back-end, allowing to deliver every image directly to our servers from anywhere in the world, as soon as they are taken.